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Sunnyvale Honey Producers is owned and operated by me James Williams and my wife and son Gloria and
Zachary Williams. We have been in operation for nearly 20 years now. After reading a half a dozen books
on Bee's and Beekeeping, I knew this was a business I could love. That was 20 years ago and still today
after good times and bad I still love it. It a business that gets down to the basic core of nature. We have
control of about 3000 hives that produce honey in the Dallas area. Most of these hives are located just
east of Dallas in Sunnyvale, Forney,  Rockwall  and  Caddo Mills. Sunnyvale Honey Producers supply
grocery and natural food markets in the Greater Dallas area. We also do pollination for crops in West
Texas and California. We use only  All American U.S. Citizens when ever we need a little extra help with
our business.

Our gentle method of processing HONEY is preferred by honey purists and is often called RAW HONEY. It
is the best most flavorful honey that you can buy! Most honey found in supermarkets is heated to
temperatures above 140 degrees and is micro-filtered through high-density high-pressure filters which
destroys natural enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins, and the filters remove 99.9
% of the pollen. The
flavor and aroma is plus all the benefits that nature intended for mankind is now gone. You've got honey
in name only, with no taste. There really is a difference in our honey! Our honey will awaken your taste
buds and remind you of the honey that you got from your grandma's pantry or your great-uncle's
beehives. Both our Wildflower and vetch honey are processed in the same manner with the same amount
of attention and care. This year our SPRING WILDFLOWER HONEY consists mostly of tulip poplar, vetch,
blackberry, and clover honey. It is a fine tasting honey and light to medium amber in color. Our  FALL
WILDFLOWER HONEY consists mainly of goldenrod, and aster.  It is a medium to dark amber honey rich
and heavy in flavor and high in antioxidants. It is what you may want for fall allergies.

Here at Sunnyvale Honey Producers our goal is to supply our customers with the best
tasting  local honey we can supply . Our long term goal is to supply all our food markets
with good tasting honey that comes from that stores location. In other words no matter
where you buy Sunnyvale Honey from, it will be a local honey from that general area. No matter if you live
in Dallas, Texas or Sunnyvale, California, you can buy Sunnyvale Honey and get all the benefits that come
alone with local honey.   
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